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3.1A USB Wall Outlet, 2pack

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Wall Outlet Dual USB Charger High Speed Duplex Receptacle 15-Amp, 3.1A Charging Capability, Tamper Resistant Smart Outlet Wall plate Included UL Listed- MICMI 215

MICMI 215 USB Charger Wall Outlet charges two USB devices simultaneously without power adapters at high speeds at 3.1 Amp charging capacity. 
The smart intelliChip precisely reads the power need of your two devices to deliver optimal power accordingly without overcharging. Featuring the highest speed of power charging for two devices at the same time, this 3.1 Amps USB Charger is one of the best-selling products for end users, contractors and commercial areas. Users can charge two devices at the same time using the two USB hub ports and leave the two outlets free for other power needs. 
The product is compatible with USB 1.1/2.0/3.0 devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android & Windows phones, tablets, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, Kindle, e-readers and any other USB compatible products. MICMI 215 Dual USB Charger Receptacle hub can be easily installed in the wall of your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and any other room to make power charging fast, easy and convenient. Your iPad, iPhone, tablets, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note and MP3 player now have a better power center, and your room will always look tidy and neat. 
This USB Charger Outlet is also great for commercial usage, including airports, hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, hospitals and etc. The receptacle is back and side wired for broad compatibility with diverse wiring needs. The product can fit in any standard in-wall outlet box. It is also compatible with standard wall-plates and can be multi-ganged with other MICMI devices, such as receptacles, motion sensors, switches and Z-Wave devices. Compatible with USB power strips. 
– Electrical Rating: 15A, 125VAC, 60Hz, 1800 Watts 
– AC Outlets: 3 Grounded 
– USB Outlets: 5VDC/3.1A 
– Certifications: UL Listed 
Package Contents 
2 x Duplex AC Wall Receptacle with Dual USB Ports in white 
2x Wall-plate 
Warranty: One Year.


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