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GFCI outlet 20A TR self testing 10pack

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GFCI Tamper-Resistant Receptacle

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Pattern Name:20A White 1pack

GFCI Tamper-Resistant Receptacle with LED Indicator, 20 Amp 125 Volt Outlet Wallplate and Screws Included MICMI Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

A GFCI receptacle is different from conventional receptacles. In the event of a ground fault a GFCI will trip and quickly stop the flow of electricity to prevent serious injury.

Tamper-Resistant(TR) supported outlet
Protects children, shutter system prevent improper insertion of foreign objects.

Indicator Light 
The Green Light is Indicator Light, when the outlet out of power, broken or end-life, the light would be off. Press the TEST button in order to trip the device ( the green light won’t be off).

TEST Button & RESET Button 
When the TEST button is pressed, the flow of electricity should be stopped, and the RESET button would be pop-out. To restore power, press the RESET button.

Easy Installation 
It’s easy to install, and replace an existing outlet only spend as short as 10 minutes. Wall plate and Complete installation instructions included.

Requirements Approval 
This product meets ETL requirements, complies with National Electric Code

This outlet only use #12-#14 wire Please notice the STRIP GAUGE on the back of the outlet.
The GFCI has stickers and wall plate included, it’s ok to use without ground wire, but we suggest you to get one for more safety.


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