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Type C USB 4.2A Wall Outlet 10pack

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USB type c wall outlet Tamper-Resistant the security mechanism within the outlet,for when a single tool inserted, play a role in helping to lock. Unless a double plug is inserted at the same time. this feature can prevent unnecessary insertion, for people in the use of improved security. Output automatic protection When the output is greater than 4.2AMP, the outlet;will automatically stop working. Unplug it first, and then reinsert it again to allow the outlet;to resume operation Automatic Temperature Protection less than 130 °F.When the temperature is greater than 130 °F, the outlet;will automatically stop working until the internal temperature of the outlet returns to below 130 °F, will automatically resume operation. LED light When the usb outlets work, the LED light will always keep a green light. On the contrary, when the usb outlets doesn’t work properly, the status of the LED light is off. Dual USB Intelli Chip 4.2 AMP in total is shared between two usb ports. Built-in Intelli chip can be 4.2 AMP intelligent, fast, assigned to the two usb ports without adapters. The rated current of type-c USB ports is up to 3.0Amp and charge for your phone faster Dual USB Wall Outlet is suitable for any USB deceive.such as: Switch, cellphones, iPhone, Droids, Samsung, iPad, and so on Application Living room, office, bedroom, school and other public areas. Indoor (not including bathroom) 3.0 Amp Type-C USB Port Type-C USB is new trend in the future. 3.0 Amp Type-C USB Port is faster for your usb device to charge Type-C USB Port is reversible and more convenient for your life Set Include 10 × Wall Oulet. 10 × Wall Plates. 10 × USB Charging Sync Data cable


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